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TaskMaster 2000 Plus©

MODAPTS Based Work Study Software

Developed by a founding member of the International MODAPTS Association, Dr. Michael Shinnick, TaskMaster 2000 Plus is the only MODAPTS based work study software available. This updated software allows the user to easily create and edit work studies for use in the preparation of labor standards and to establish ergonomically designed work tasks.

A user-friendly interface to this automated work measurement tool provides an environment for quick and efficient entering, editing and review of new work data as well as previous work study data. Taskmaster 2000 Plus can be utilized for analyzing work tasks in manufacturing, warehouse and office environments. Steps, calculations and study totals are conveniently entered and reported as MOD elements (MOD Strings) or Process Time.
TaskMaster 2000 Plus reduces the chance for error in calculations as it automatically provides MODs (one MOD equals .129 seconds), seconds, minutes, hours and cycles per hour as you develop the data.

TaskMaster 2000 Plus ©

TaskMaster 2000 Plus

  • has the ability to store and modify work studies, which decreases the time and increases the efficiency for developing standards.
  • contains familiar and easy to use editing functions such as copy, move and paste which make changes and updates quick and efficient.
  • can create data libraries for editing and integrating multiple work studies; frequently used work motions can be given a mnemonic name, stored in a library, and then used by referring to the name.
  • produces a printed final report, allowing your results and analysis to be used more readily.

It is a PC based program, which runs under the MS .NET Framework in Windows 2000, XP and Vista. It is easily adaptable to your specific needs and custom development is available at an affordable cost.

Single user, Not for Profit and Site Licenses are available, please contact us for more information.

To obtain TaskMaster 2000 Plus or for any further information including training opportunities for this software, the MODAPTS system and other work related ergonomic issues, contact Dynamics Research Group, Inc.

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TaskMaster 2000 Plus©

  • Store and modify work studies
  • Contains familiar and easy to use editing functions such as copy, move and paste
  • Can create data libraries for editing and integrating multiple work studies
  • Produces a printed final report
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