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Introduction to MODAPTS


MODAPTS is a system for measuring work, without the use of a stopwatch. It is based on analyzing the body motions required in a work task or work process. It is an accurate and quick work analysis system that can be applied to production activities and non-cycle work environments. It is currently being utilized by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, government organizations, not-for-profit workshops, shipping and transportation industries, as well as office and data processing organizations.

This system can be used for contract bidding, direct labor cost estimating, quality control, safety analysis and establishing productivity standards for work stations and manufacturing processes, ergonomics and work study management.

What Makes MODAPTS a Powerful Work Task Productivity Analysis System?

Build A Foundation – Compatible with other work management and productivity tools such as LEAN Manufacturing, JIT System and Six Sigma. MODAPTS is a base analysis tool, producing time and movement based studies that can be applied to any additional work study.
Its benefits include:

  • Easy to Use and Quick Application
  • Rapid Derivation of Objective Standards
  • Increased Utilization of Work Management Personnel
  • Work Task Analysis Regarding People and Their Capacities
  • Accuracy and Consistency In Costing (+/-5% at the 95% confidence level of the true mean)
  • Improved Communication and Productivity
  • Added Potential For Analytical Evaluations
  • Quick Determination of Rates and Plant/Department Capacity
  • Quantitative Basis for Analysis of Work Center Design
  • Determines Which Tasks Can Be Automated and Which Aspects Require Human Interaction
  • Data and Analysis for Human Systems Integration
  • Builds stronger working relationships by defining job tasks and expectations
  • Physically stressful work can be identified and reduced or eliminated to reduce work related injuries and cumulative trauma.

Why Does MODAPTS Work

Simplicity and Accuracy. MODAPTS is easy to explain and employs a small number of values, a review of standards by interested parties is simple and the possibility of controversy is reduced. MODAPTS analyses motion patterns and subjective operator ratings. Its MOD based system is accurate and easy to interpret.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers. The MODAPTS System Answers Questions Such As:

  • What is a reasonable productivity expectation given a specific amount of work and time?
  • How can productivity standards and expectations be established quickly and accurately?
  • How can reasonable productivity goals be established?
  • How can inefficient work methods and procedures be identified and corrective action taken and results measured?

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