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Ergonomics Consulting

Dr. Michael D. Shinnick

Dr. Shinnick, the Director and founder of Dynamics Research Group, brings expertise to the dynamics of work and the study of positive ergonomic intervention. He has a combination of degrees, post doctoral study and experience which has made him an expert in the areas of work productivity, work injury management, work measurement, and applied ergonomics related to work injuries. Dr. Shinnick is an International MODAPTS certified work measurement and ergonomics trainer. He provides assessments of residual employability for injured workers, transferability of skills analyses, employability access assessments, life care plans for individuals with catastrophic injuries, biomechanical analyses of injuries, vocational capacity evaluations, and assessments of cumulative trauma disorders related to causation using NIOSH and OSHA guidelines.

Dr. Shinnick has been an associate professor of rehabilitation and the director of the rehabilitation continuing education program at Auburn University. He has served as a management, productivity, and applied ergonomics consultant to over 300 industries, businesses, financial institutions and service agencies.

His presentations have included:

“Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hearing Loss, Epidemiology, Biomechanics, Causation, Prevention and Cost”, to the Virginia Senate Commerce & Labor Subcommittee and House of Delegates Commerce & Labor Subcommittee, and “Assessment of Work Related Upper Extremity Risk Factors”, MODAPTS Symposium. Dr. Shinnick has given testimony to juries and provided expert reports in numerous personal injury litigations relating to work accidents, employee discharges, and work related musculoskeletal disorders.

Dynamics Research Group

DRG is a consortium of experts based in Blacksburg, Virginia, home of Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University, with associates located throughout the world. DRG will work with you to accommodate its programs and services to your needs via:

  • On-Site Work Task Analysis
  • Identification and Amelioration of Work Place Hazards and Unsafe Processes
  • Training of Engineers, Supervisors and Workers
  • Set Up and Review of Active and Passive Medical Management Programs
  • Identify Accommodations Necessary To Return Injured Workers to Productivity
  • Assessment of Individual Workers Potential to Return to Work
  • Development of Programs For Compliance with OSHA Ergonomic and Safety Guidelines
  • Establishment of Programs for Identification and Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Work Site Inspections

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